Hammicks Legal Information Services

What we do

Hammicks Legal Information Services has been serving the legal profession since 1968 when the business was founded by Charles Hammick. Originally a bookshop in Chancery Lane, then on Fleet Street until it closed in February 2015, Hammicks Legal Information Services has grown into a full service information provider to government, the Bar and law firms. We now have the largest legal books distribution centre in the UK based in Southampton, and the most comprehensive website. In addition, we also serve customers direct through our subscription management services and our team of account managers.


What we deliver

Hammicks Legal Information Services provides information professionals in the legal sector with an unparalleled service:

Comprehensive range
If a title is available we will have it and can deliver it within 24 hours.

Unrivalled customer service
Information is mission critical to the legal profession and we understand this. We can ensure that your collection is comprehensive and always up-to-date with our Customer Advantage Programme.

Market and management information
Information, not only on forthcoming titles but also on digital developments, to ensure customers do not purchase titles twice unnecessarily with a budgeting service that allows customers to estimate their spend over the next 3, 6 and 12 months.


The better outcome

Utilising programmes like Hammicksdirect for barristers' chambers and the Customer Advantage Programme for law firms, we can reduce not only the price customers pay for legal information but also reduce the time and resources it takes to manage legal information collections.

Spending less time and resources = Lower overall costs = A better outcome

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To find out more contact Ian Brushwood on:
01425 485923 or ianbrushwood@hammicks.com
or visit www.hammickslegal.com