Aztec Aspire

What we do

Aspire is a cost-effective and flexible solution for the cashless distribution of bursaries,
scholarships and other student support packages.

Using Aspire, universities can:

  • Achieve their strategic objectives
  • Enhance the student experience and learning outcomes
  • Engage their academic community in improving educational gain
  • Provide an effective alternative to cash or fee waivers
  • Link expenditure to outcomes and access a wealth of evaluation data

Over 200,000 students have already benefited from Aspire and it is one of the fastest growing solutions in the education sector.


What we deliver

Aspire delivers an enriched student experience by providing access to a wide range of goods and services as specified by their university – using our unique smart card students can purchase anything from childcare, housing and travel assistance to laptops, books and art supplies.

Aspire is an end to end solution for universities providing the technology platform, programme design and management, card distribution, vendor management, systems integration and usage reporting and analysis.


The better outcome

Aspire helps target bursaries at "Good Things" to enrich the student experience and improve educational gain.

Improved student resources = Improved student progression = A better outcome

Aspire provides quantitative data and measurable outcomes to support university strategies driving retention, student experience and educational gain.

Improved educational gain = Improved employability = A better outcome.

Digital Business of the Year Shortlist

Aspire logo and cards

Top: Some of the Aspire cards in use at the moment.

Bottom: Peter Lake at the Academic & Professional Booksellers Group Conference, receiving the Innovation of the Year Award for the Aspire Direct initiative.

To find out more contact David Fox on:

07834140724 or