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The challenge

Ropewalk is a nationally recognised set of barristers' chambers based in the East Midlands.

Consistently ranked as a leading set by both Chambers and Legal 500, Ropewalk wanted to ensure that both the central library of the chambers and the individual barristers were getting the best possible service and price when purchasing their legal books and subscriptions.


The solution

Working with Tony Hill, Head of the Clerking Team, we designed a Hammicksdirect account for Ropewalk.


How it works

Firstly we created a master Ropewalk account that links all the central and individual purchases. Then we issued the barristers with Ropewalk branded smart cards for their future purchases. Once linked, all accounts benefit from discount levels based on the total business. Everyone gains from the combined purchasing power.

More than this, we also provide the Chambers with a consolidated invoice of all the individual and central purchases. This allows Tony and his team to spend much less time on administration and the opportunity to identify where they can save money through the more efficient purchasing of key titles.


The better outcome

Ropewalk now enjoys keener prices, is spending less time on costly administration and provides a more efficient service to its barristers.

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