UEL : an 'Aspire' case study

The challenge

The University of East London is an innovative multi-ethnic and multi-cultural university that has a commitment to providing access to higher education to a wide range of students and has a large non-traditional cohort of students. Having been successful in attracting students, the University wanted to be as successful in retaining and supporting those students throughout their time at the University. The key measure was to reduce the 15% drop out rate.


The solution

Working closely with the University, we developed an Aspire platform for the University that provides targeted financial support that was branded the UEL Progress Bursary.


How it works

The bursary is provided as a credit to spend on products and services which UEL identified as aiding the student learning process including:

  • Laptops and IT equipment
  • Books and stationery
  • Oyster card top ups
  • Child care costs
  • Field trips
  • Campus accommodation

The students receive £500 having completed the first semester and £300
in years 2 and 3.


The better outcome

Utilising the Aspire platform, UEL has enhanced the student experience and reduced its drop out rate by 50% to 7.3%

UEL card and marketing support

To find out more about Aspire and
how it can deliver better outcomes, contact David Fox on:
01425 485922 or david.fox@aspire-he.co.uk